• The tourist office’s commitments and the quality of its services

    The Tourist Office of Saint-Laurent d’Aigouze belongs to the Offices de Tourisme de France network.

    Within this framework, the Tourist Office of Saint-Laurent d’Aigouze undertakes:

    • to put easily accessible reception and information areas at your disposal,
    • to help you to put your holiday plans into effect,
    • to offer you seating,
    • to inform you free of charge about the tourist offer in the local area,
    • to display and distribute its opening hours, expressed in at least one foreign languages
    • to offer you free access to the Internet via a secure Wi-Fi  connection,
    • to open its tourist reception offices for at least 120 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays in tourist periods and during festivals, fairs and other special events,
    • to answer your letters, e-mails, etc. all year round,
    • to ensure that you, [as visitors to the area], are welcomed at all times by tourist information officers with at least one foreign languages who, over and above simply giving you  information, will offer genuine advice on your holiday,
    • to provide tourist maps, plans et guides in printed form,
    • to give you access to its dedicated bi-lingual website
    • to distribute paper copies of its tourist information, translated into at least one foreign languages relating to: 
      • all classified tourist accommodation including, as a minimum, the name of the establishment, the postal address, the telephone number, the e-mail address, the website address, and the classification level,
      • monuments, places of cultural or natural interest or recreational sites including the prices charged, opening hours and times of year, postal and telephone contact details and the website address,  
      • events and activities,
      • emergency telephone numbers, 
    • to update its tourist information every year, 
    • to display emergency telephone numbers outside the tourist reception offices,
    • to deal with your complaints day by day and measure your satisfaction, 
    • to make sure that the information given on the local tourist offer is accurate and up-to-date